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One of the most common questions we get in Dallas homes is if the garbage disposal should be repaired, replaced, or just unclogged. Our plumbers can quickly diagnose and resolve most garbage disposals with a quick inspection.

We offer same-day garbage disposal repair in the Dallas area including:

Dallas, Carrollton, The Colony, Frisco, Little Elm, Oak Point, Fairview, McKinney, Allen, Plano, Prosper, Celina, Hack Berry, and Cross Roads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage disposal repair questions are some of the most common. We’ve put together a list of the most popular below: 

Depending on the issue, most garbage disposals cost about $250 to fix, including labor. Low to high-end is between $70 to $400.

If neither the reset button nor the circuit breaker is the cause, then it's possible that there is a wiring problem with the switch controlling the disposal, or that the garbage disposal itself is faulty. If you need help, the experts at Porpoise Plumbing, LLC. can help you determine the exact cause.
If you should especially consider replacing your disposal if it's been at least a decade since your last renovation or garbage disposal installation project. Most disposals have a life expectancy of about 10 years, after which they may start clogging more often.
In most cases, if your garbage disposal is humming it is because a foreign object is stuck in the disposal. If an item has been jammed in the blades of the disposal it will be unable to rotate. This can result in a humming noise. If this is the case simply unplug the disposal under the sink then survey the drain hole. If that doesn't fix the sound, contact the experts at Porpoise Plumbing, LLC. for help.
If the bottom of the unit is leaking, replace the disposal. Leaks from the bottom of the garbage disposal (often from the reset button) commonly indicate that at least one seal on the interior shell of the unit that protects the motor has deteriorated, or that the shell itself has cracked.

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